Friday, 14 August 2015

Hockey A team term3 week3

In Term3 Week3 the hockey A team versed sumner A. They scored the first goal, I started getting worried but then we scored a goal then another one came. In the end the score was 6-2 to us. On a whole we worked really well as a team, by passing and everyone coming back in defense to help out. Player of the day went to Nate because he helped a lot in attack by setting up four goals. The team was really happy with our result.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Math Term3 Week3.

WALT: complete maths revision sheet for the weeks SDL.
S.C- use basic facts to find out quickly.
Next time I would like to know all the things easily and take me quicker to work out.

Writing Term3 Week3

WALT: complete the writing brainstorm for my argument speech.
S.C- Make your point powerful.
This is my burger chart brainstorm for my topic of "why animals shouldn't be in circuses" 

Distinction badge.

I have completed my merit badge and am working to words my distinction. I only have to do two more homework challenges and all my blogs to do since I just started on it because only recently have I got my merit badge.

Science Term3 Week 3.

In science we learnt how to find out if things had acid or arkali in them. We tested that by putting it in red cabbage water and it reacted depending if it had acid or alkali in it, if it had acid in it, it would go red, but if it had alkali it would go green. This is our work showing are research.
We found that in cleaning products they mainly had alkali in them and food materials had acid in them.

Reading Term3 Week3

WALT: identtify and examine the effect of language features in texts. 
I completed my must dos which were cloze activity, intermediate paragraph and dogo news about the Pluto mission, the teacher session of doing the tic tack toe poem and the pre activity.
Next I would like to put more detail in what I think the poems are talking about.