Thursday, 22 October 2015

Math worksheet Week 2 Term 4

WALT: complete two pages of our mathematics booklet on geometry for our weekly SDL sheet.
This work shows my work on the two page book working on angles, degrees and word promlems.
My next step is to put more explanation when I am ask to answer in words

Friday, 16 October 2015

Writing Term 4 Week 1

W.A.L.T: Learn how to write procedures for explaining something.
This work shows my mind map and my burger chart brainstorm. For my subject which is looking after your house. We only had a select few choices

Looking after your house.
Preparing before going somewhere.
Making something.

My next step is to create my draft and edit until it looks good enough to publish.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Discovery Term 3. How to draw a detailed reptile.

For Term 3 discovery Tim and I did "How to draw a detailed reptile" we had to put questions in that someone might ask about our topic then we answer them.
Our next step is to make a slide of our research we found then share it to another group.
If I was to do this again we would put one more resource in for each of the cobra and tuatara.

Term 3 overall reflection.

Three things I enjoyed this term was, One Koru games playing sweeper leading the back line and saving an open goal, Two Canterbury hockey tournament we came Second I played centre mid and in the second half I played in striker and scored in the finals, and Three performing in the open night for the Kapa Haka. Things I would like to improve on, One If I could go back I want to not bring my drink bottle to the mat. Two running inside while transitioning and three ask more questions in my learning.

Te-reo Week10 Term3

Today I learnt how to say my Mihi off by heart. I learnt by practicing the parts I always forgot, it was the first part about from where I'm from and my tribe. I practice all the way up to there around five times then I put it all together I did it three times to make sure I knew it for sure. My next step is not to get all tangled up on my, pronounce them better and feel more confident while saying my Mihi.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Koru games 2015.

Koru games for the last three days was really exciting, I was playing in the Oaklands football A team overall we came sixth out of twenty four . I really enjoyed playing in the pool stages because most of our games were challenging and we won them all. Our team played really well with passing, support and giving everyone a fair go on the pitch. Since the start I really improved on my headers and touches on the ball. I found Koru games challenging because we had a lot of very close games.