Thursday, 17 April 2014


What:write you mihi and remember it of by heart
So what:I was able write my mihi and remember it
Now what:write bigger mihi and remember it


What:paint a picture of the New zealand landscape
So what:I painted a picture of Auckland and did it in the correct style
So what:have better shading on the picture

Letter to parents on Wainui camp

What:write a thank you letter to a parent on wainui camp
So what:I finished my letter to Stuart
Now what:Add more detail in what I paragraphs

Tree diagrams

Walt:creat and interpret diagrams
So what:I completed all the question in the time that was set
Now what:complete harder question in less time


Anzac day poster

WALT:Self regulate learning.

So What:I finished my poster with information pictures and detail.

Now What:colour in the back ground and a bit more information