Thursday, 22 October 2015

Math worksheet Week 2 Term 4

WALT: complete two pages of our mathematics booklet on geometry for our weekly SDL sheet.
This work shows my work on the two page book working on angles, degrees and word promlems.
My next step is to put more explanation when I am ask to answer in words

Friday, 16 October 2015

Writing Term 4 Week 1

W.A.L.T: Learn how to write procedures for explaining something.
This work shows my mind map and my burger chart brainstorm. For my subject which is looking after your house. We only had a select few choices

Looking after your house.
Preparing before going somewhere.
Making something.

My next step is to create my draft and edit until it looks good enough to publish.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Discovery Term 3. How to draw a detailed reptile.

For Term 3 discovery Tim and I did "How to draw a detailed reptile" we had to put questions in that someone might ask about our topic then we answer them.
Our next step is to make a slide of our research we found then share it to another group.
If I was to do this again we would put one more resource in for each of the cobra and tuatara.

Term 3 overall reflection.

Three things I enjoyed this term was, One Koru games playing sweeper leading the back line and saving an open goal, Two Canterbury hockey tournament we came Second I played centre mid and in the second half I played in striker and scored in the finals, and Three performing in the open night for the Kapa Haka. Things I would like to improve on, One If I could go back I want to not bring my drink bottle to the mat. Two running inside while transitioning and three ask more questions in my learning.

Te-reo Week10 Term3

Today I learnt how to say my Mihi off by heart. I learnt by practicing the parts I always forgot, it was the first part about from where I'm from and my tribe. I practice all the way up to there around five times then I put it all together I did it three times to make sure I knew it for sure. My next step is not to get all tangled up on my, pronounce them better and feel more confident while saying my Mihi.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Koru games 2015.

Koru games for the last three days was really exciting, I was playing in the Oaklands football A team overall we came sixth out of twenty four . I really enjoyed playing in the pool stages because most of our games were challenging and we won them all. Our team played really well with passing, support and giving everyone a fair go on the pitch. Since the start I really improved on my headers and touches on the ball. I found Koru games challenging because we had a lot of very close games.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Hockey A team term3 week3

In Term3 Week3 the hockey A team versed sumner A. They scored the first goal, I started getting worried but then we scored a goal then another one came. In the end the score was 6-2 to us. On a whole we worked really well as a team, by passing and everyone coming back in defense to help out. Player of the day went to Nate because he helped a lot in attack by setting up four goals. The team was really happy with our result.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Math Term3 Week3.

WALT: complete maths revision sheet for the weeks SDL.
S.C- use basic facts to find out quickly.
Next time I would like to know all the things easily and take me quicker to work out.

Writing Term3 Week3

WALT: complete the writing brainstorm for my argument speech.
S.C- Make your point powerful.
This is my burger chart brainstorm for my topic of "why animals shouldn't be in circuses" 

Distinction badge.

I have completed my merit badge and am working to words my distinction. I only have to do two more homework challenges and all my blogs to do since I just started on it because only recently have I got my merit badge.

Science Term3 Week 3.

In science we learnt how to find out if things had acid or arkali in them. We tested that by putting it in red cabbage water and it reacted depending if it had acid or alkali in it, if it had acid in it, it would go red, but if it had alkali it would go green. This is our work showing are research.
We found that in cleaning products they mainly had alkali in them and food materials had acid in them.

Reading Term3 Week3

WALT: identtify and examine the effect of language features in texts. 
I completed my must dos which were cloze activity, intermediate paragraph and dogo news about the Pluto mission, the teacher session of doing the tic tack toe poem and the pre activity.
Next I would like to put more detail in what I think the poems are talking about.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Reading, Math and writing goals.

Reading WALT: Identify and examine the effect of language features in text.
S.C Read in between the lines.
       look at the word features.
       read carefully

Writing WALT: sentence structure in long and short sentences.
S.C: give a sentence more detail.
        learn how to make how to break up a sentence.
        make a sentence stronger,

Math WALT: Explain the meaning and evaluate powers of whole numbers.

Year 7/8 hockey zones.

On the 29th of the 7th the oaklands school hockey A team went to Haggley for zones we were up against 3 other teams OLA, Chasmere and Wharinui. Our first game was against OLA I was playing mid-field and to the end I was playing striker in striker I scored 1 goal, the end score was 5-0 to us.
Our second game was against Chasmere I was playing defense and in the second half I was playing striker, in defense I put in a lot of tackles and stopped a few runs, in striker I wasn't able to score a goal but we had some close call, the end score was 0-0. Our last game this one was the most important game because Wharinui were currently coming first but if we beat them we would win, I was playing mid I had to do a lot of running back and forwards I help in defense and scored up field for a win of 2-0 . We were all very excited for the results and when it said oaklands first we all celebrated, then we found out the year 7/8 netball and football both came first as well.  

Friday, 24 July 2015

Reading Week1 Term3

Walt: complete my reading for the weeks SDL.
We had a different layout from lass terms but I still managed to complete it.

Writing Week1 Term3

Walt: choose a punctuation goal and a over all writing goal.
My goal is to learn advanced punctuation and to focus on sentence structure my specific choice is long and short sentences.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Reading bok choy.

This reading work is quite old but I posted it anyway.

Math Week 11 Term 2.

For S.D.L. We had to complete two math sheet this is one of them.
My next step is to do a side of division and some harder times tables.

Learner license Week 11 Term 2

In are class we have things called the learner licenses they are meant for how well we work. There is mobile that means you can work anywhere in the school, independent that is you can work anywhere in the class, regulated that's when mr brown or mr muller chooses where you work and the last one is you have to follow mr brown or mr muller when you work.

I'm on independent because on the odd occasion I talk to someone else.
My next step is to move up to mobile and I'm going to do that by not getting distracted and sit with people I will talk on task about.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Careers Week 11 Term 2.

W.A.L.T: create a board with my career research and information from my explanation report.
Here is my title, my career goal, why I chose it and what you do in this carreer.

This is my side information eg pay rate, subjects that would help to take in high school, learner disposition and job availability.

My next step is to get my pictures on it and my explanation report printed out and stuck on.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Kapa haka week 8 term 2.

On Friday at Kapa haka we went on the stage for are stage places. Then we went over the order of the songs for the end of term assembly. Some people didn't know the words to the new part of one of the songs we went over one line again and again and again I think they got it in the end.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

On the bus to technology

Week 9 term 2.

On Tuesday to technology I sat with Reuben and sheaden we talk about scooters and a game. At technology in hard material we glued together are box and drilled holes for the speakers. On the way back I sat at the back.  

Help out around the school.

Week 9 term 2.

On Friday I helped out by going over to a junior class when it was a wet day and their teacher was out. When we went in some of them were cleaning the table down me and Joe help them and reminded them not to use to much water when they finished a table I dried it with a towel from there sink. Not long after they cleaned the tables the bell rang they had a cool system to get their attention I said "1 2 3 eyes on me" and then to know they were listening  they said "4 5 6 my eyes are fixed" we helped them clean up and sit on the mat for their teacher.

Friday, 19 June 2015

te-reo week 9 term 2

walt:learn my te-reo and speak more fluently.

<iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe>

next time im going to speak more clearly.

Reading week 9 term 2

Walt: complete reading SDL
Next time I want to do better in my test.

Writing week 9 week 2

Walt: complete my publishing for my explanation.
Next step is to make more paragraphs with more detail.

Math week 9 term 2

Walt: find area and perimeter of a shape.
Next time I want to learn how to do this with fractions.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Math week 8 term 2

W.A.L.T: complete a revision sheet an basic facts sheet.
I completed division, times table, subtraction, fraction to percentages and round to the nearest 10 and 100.

Reading week 8 term 2

W.A.L.T: infer meaning from the text.
We did a prediction about the story then a vocabulary sheet after that there was a teacher session and then two easy must dos.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Be a role model for the Kakano Team.

Today I saw a senior knock a little Kakano kid over an just quickly said sorry and ran of and I went over to him and help him up and ask him if he was alright. Another time was when I was on the field, a ball came over from the Kakano side and he ask me if I could pass the ball instead of walking away I passed it to him that made me feel quite happy because he said thank you to me politely. 

Writing Week 8 term 2

W.A.L.T: write information report on a chosen career mine was "paleontology"

We had to first make a burger chart with all are paragraphs and put it into slight detail and then start are information report.

Next time I would have more conferences so I can get a higher mark on my information report.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Winter sport week 6 term 2

For winter sport the Hockey A team were playing Halswell School in the first half we were losing 2-1 but in the second half we ended up winning 5-4 also I got player of the day. I was playing defensive-mid and attacking-mid swapping with Haley, Nate and Sophie. They had two very strong players that ran down the line a lot, Mr Brown showed us a few ways to be able to tackle them without them just running around us.

Kapa Haka week 7

In week 7 term 2. we had Kapa Haka we went over some songs and practiced them with out looking at the words it took us two times before most of us could do it. And work on the moves a little bit but the words were more important at that time.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Cross Country.

At cross country there was quite a bit of sitting around but Azriel, Rebecca and I were setting up the game boundaries. I had the final race I got round to the second lap when I was really puffed I caught up to Reuben and we started running together we got round to the finish line and we both got tied 8th. I was really tired and then we had to walk back to school.

leadership roles Term two Week six.


My group were playing football and we had heaps people playing we had to make the pitch bigger one kid suggested big kids vs little kids and a lot of them wanted to do it and it was quite hard with them swarming us.

Kapa Haka.

we rehearsed a lot of song and one I haven't heard in ages which was fun  and went over the Haka a couple of times.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

P.A.L.s bat down and kapa Haka

Week 6
P.A.L.s we played bat down we had lots of year fours and fives play we only had one problem one of the boys playing got called names from some other boys that weren't playing.

Kapa Haka.
We practiced pai Mai and went through all the words for the new song we practiced the week before.

P.A.L.s touch and kapa Haka

Week 4
Group 3 decided to do touch for P.A.L.s we didn't have much players so we joined in after awhile more people started joining in everyone started in joining the game

Kapa Haka
We learnt a new song and practiced the move for pai Mai