Friday, 30 May 2014

Prediction chart

What:make a prediction of the text and confirm your prediction.
So what:I was able to make a prediction properly and confirm it

Now what:make my prediction more clear and the confirmation bigger  

Sunday, 18 May 2014

The new arrival

I was coming home from school and I can say I wasn't expecting any of this.It was a normal day my brother was annoying me as usual.As we turned into the street we heard a constant whine ewr ewr ewr As we turned round the cul-de-sac we saw the neighbour holding a chocolate puppy labrador. "I didn't know they had a knew dog" mum said. As i got out the car i ran over to pat the dog I ask them what his name was. "Don't know" he said. "what?" "I found him wandering around the street sniffing at bindy"(their dog)I look around the street to see who his owners were. "I found a rip in your neighbour's gate where they had put tarpaulin up guess he chewed it" mum asked if they wanted us to look after him because they already had a dog to look after. "sure" he said he was the cutest thing ever, he was the size of a fully grown Jack Rusell, he looked only about three months old, his fur wasn't that long but his tail was long and narrow and he was the most energetic dog i've ever seen.I went upstairs to grab an old stuffed toy and he loved it.Me and my brother were chucking it back and forth just watching him chase,jump and even fall over. After a couple of minutes of that he was tired, he walked very slowly inside, I went to check on him as i walked through the door there was a disgusting stench. i followed the smell even though i really didn't want to, sadly i did only to find a little turd. As i looked round the room i saw the dog with a guilty face on. Mum didn't have much fun cleaning it up. After a few hours the dog started whining, he must have missed his owner. soon the owner came over and the dog started barking and scratching at the door. The owner said thank you for looking after him i asked what his name was "taro" after a while of talking he went home and i thought to myself i'd never had so much fun in my life. Mum had a text the next day saying thank you again for looking after him and that he slept as soon as he got home.