Saturday, 30 May 2015

Cross Country.

At cross country there was quite a bit of sitting around but Azriel, Rebecca and I were setting up the game boundaries. I had the final race I got round to the second lap when I was really puffed I caught up to Reuben and we started running together we got round to the finish line and we both got tied 8th. I was really tired and then we had to walk back to school.

leadership roles Term two Week six.


My group were playing football and we had heaps people playing we had to make the pitch bigger one kid suggested big kids vs little kids and a lot of them wanted to do it and it was quite hard with them swarming us.

Kapa Haka.

we rehearsed a lot of song and one I haven't heard in ages which was fun  and went over the Haka a couple of times.