Thursday, 3 July 2014

Consumer and business rights

Consumer and business all have problems. NormallyThese can be started by consumer and business rights. If you read on you'll know how businesses and manufacturer have problems with not following the rights. When they have problems they can lose customer and contracts.

Losing customer can put business out of trade. The business can lose money by selling faulty goods to customer because can lose money by selling they have to pay money fix or replace it. Their is also the chance that the customer might not want to shop there again so less buyers equals less money.

Businesses,manufacturer and customers can all lose trust in each other. Businesses can lose trust in manufacturer by giving the business faulty goods.consumer will lose trust in a business if the business sells faulty goods to the consumer. Losing trust is a very big deal because if you lose trust no ones going to going to by from your company.

You wouldn't feel very confident walking into a store that's let you down before it would feel strange because they have put an internal reminder in your head of what happened before and you don't want to go though the trouble again getting it fixed or replaced.

So it is very vital to keep trust in your business to stay in trade the consumer can lose trust by buying faulty products. Business have to fix of replace items when the consumer isn't satisfied.