Friday, 31 July 2015

Reading, Math and writing goals.

Reading WALT: Identify and examine the effect of language features in text.
S.C Read in between the lines.
       look at the word features.
       read carefully

Writing WALT: sentence structure in long and short sentences.
S.C: give a sentence more detail.
        learn how to make how to break up a sentence.
        make a sentence stronger,

Math WALT: Explain the meaning and evaluate powers of whole numbers.

Year 7/8 hockey zones.

On the 29th of the 7th the oaklands school hockey A team went to Haggley for zones we were up against 3 other teams OLA, Chasmere and Wharinui. Our first game was against OLA I was playing mid-field and to the end I was playing striker in striker I scored 1 goal, the end score was 5-0 to us.
Our second game was against Chasmere I was playing defense and in the second half I was playing striker, in defense I put in a lot of tackles and stopped a few runs, in striker I wasn't able to score a goal but we had some close call, the end score was 0-0. Our last game this one was the most important game because Wharinui were currently coming first but if we beat them we would win, I was playing mid I had to do a lot of running back and forwards I help in defense and scored up field for a win of 2-0 . We were all very excited for the results and when it said oaklands first we all celebrated, then we found out the year 7/8 netball and football both came first as well.  

Friday, 24 July 2015

Reading Week1 Term3

Walt: complete my reading for the weeks SDL.
We had a different layout from lass terms but I still managed to complete it.

Writing Week1 Term3

Walt: choose a punctuation goal and a over all writing goal.
My goal is to learn advanced punctuation and to focus on sentence structure my specific choice is long and short sentences.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Reading bok choy.

This reading work is quite old but I posted it anyway.

Math Week 11 Term 2.

For S.D.L. We had to complete two math sheet this is one of them.
My next step is to do a side of division and some harder times tables.

Learner license Week 11 Term 2

In are class we have things called the learner licenses they are meant for how well we work. There is mobile that means you can work anywhere in the school, independent that is you can work anywhere in the class, regulated that's when mr brown or mr muller chooses where you work and the last one is you have to follow mr brown or mr muller when you work.

I'm on independent because on the odd occasion I talk to someone else.
My next step is to move up to mobile and I'm going to do that by not getting distracted and sit with people I will talk on task about.