Friday, 31 July 2015

Year 7/8 hockey zones.

On the 29th of the 7th the oaklands school hockey A team went to Haggley for zones we were up against 3 other teams OLA, Chasmere and Wharinui. Our first game was against OLA I was playing mid-field and to the end I was playing striker in striker I scored 1 goal, the end score was 5-0 to us.
Our second game was against Chasmere I was playing defense and in the second half I was playing striker, in defense I put in a lot of tackles and stopped a few runs, in striker I wasn't able to score a goal but we had some close call, the end score was 0-0. Our last game this one was the most important game because Wharinui were currently coming first but if we beat them we would win, I was playing mid I had to do a lot of running back and forwards I help in defense and scored up field for a win of 2-0 . We were all very excited for the results and when it said oaklands first we all celebrated, then we found out the year 7/8 netball and football both came first as well.  

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